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The Home of Retractable Screens In Upstate New York

Proudly serving Upstate New York, Upstate Retractable Screens is your trusted and authorized Phantom Screens installer.

Owned and operated by William Fagle, Upstate Retractable Screens comes with an extensive background in home and business renovations. With over 30 years in the industry, you'll have peace of mind knowing your Phantom Screens retractable screens installations will done to the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

We’re Here to Help You at Every Step

  • We’ll find the right retractable screen solution for your home or business
  • Install your retractable screens right the first time
  • Be available should you require any service

Why don’t you contact us today at 1-888-PHANTOM or contact us online and let us begin your Phantom Screens experience.

Phantom Screens is the industry leader in retractable insect and bug screens, and the only retractable screens system we’ll install.

Upstate Retractable Screens is brought to you by the same company that owns and operates Landon Windows and Doors.